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Where the Yard Sales Are

Our hills are rich in history, with towns that are seasoned with artists and people with vision. Yard sales, garage sales, tag sales, barn sales or whatever you want to call them, are definitely worth seeking out. Those in search of an unusual piece, a new focal point for over a mantel or a hutch that, with a little work, just might tie a room together is such a fun hunt.

In the Kearsarge Region

Shows like "American Road Show" and Joanna Gaines, of "Fixer Upper" fame have made repurposing vogue. Many fortunes have been made by this very obsession. The guys on "American Pickers" travel the country in search of a great find. We are fortunate to have a few consignment/antique gems around, The Renaissance Shoppe & Go Lightly of New London, Sunapee Landing Company in Newbury, Prospect Hill in Georges Mills can all

satiate ones treasure-hunting desire on a whim.

On the flip side (every pun intended) how great is it to have people pay you to purge your house? Estate sales and downsizing (more yard sale titles) have two-fold benefits, allowing people to release their memories to others who can breathe new life in them.

Luckily the calendar tightens up the search with a page of yard sales that show the time and location. It's easy to bring up on your phone to find where the yard sales are.

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