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The Summer of 2020

Summer began this week, the pandemic didn't stop it! It might feel different this year, without the activities that ordinarily keep the summer pace going. With fewer social interactions, maybe it will seem to last longer.

How our community spends time will be different this year. Dining out might seem like a bigger treat than just an impulsively stop-in for a quick meal. Patronizing our local businesses will mean more as we realize we are supporting our neighbors and keeping our local economy going. Relationships; family, friends, and our community at large will take on more gratifying importance.

For those of us who were raised at a societal slower pace, it feels like a throwback in time, that is if you shut off the screens! Timeless activities like hiking, swimming, sailing, biking or just sitting by a lake may offer more satisfaction than in recent years. The mere fact that the whole of society was holed up for three months gives us a reason to be so grateful to live amidst the natural beauty; a place that a lot of people would love to live in.

It's a more thoughtful time. It will be a summer filled with rich memories in the making.

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