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Spring; Slush, Mush and Gush

So, last week we had slushy snow. This week, tenacious buds are pushing through the thawed tundra making it known that it's time for some color! Yes, there's hope for the influx of spring with the vivid new buds, fresh brown mushy mud and even gray sandy gush. Gotta love New England in the Spring!

Next week ushers in May. The Lake Sunapee #CenterfortheArts hosts their monthly First Friday events; new exhibits are blooming, dancing at Whipple Hall and #ColbySawyer and music in #Warner!

Spring hikes #AusbonSargent, #yardsales, #ChickenFarmer5k in #Newbury, fundraisers, gardening events and college commencements are on the calendar! There's a hiring frenzy going on in anticipation of summer!

Before you know it, the #NewLondonBarn will be showcasing the #StrawHatRevue!

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